Seven Horse MAXI ROLLS

1 Ply 300 metres

6 pcs / CTN

2 Ply 1500 Sheets

Embossed / Perforated 6 pcs / CTN

Hospital Bed Roll 1 Ply / 2 Ply

Embossed / Perforated

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Seven Horse
Facial Tissue Premium Pack

150 sheets 2Ply

Perfumed facial tissues are available as per the customer's specification / various fragrance and sizes.

Seven Horse
Facial Tissue Premium Pack

200 sheets 2Ply

1 Ply 300 Metres

300 sheets 2Ply

Dispensers for Max Roll, Interfold, T – Tork, Toilet Roll and Auto Cuts are available as per customers requirement.

Inter Fold Tissue (V-Fold)

150 sheets 2Ply
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